Free Story #1

Print out the Ad Lib story below. In front of the class, go through each of the blanks, and ask them to yell out a word that corresponds to the directions (noun, verb, place, etc.), then write the word in the blank. (Sometimes the words may not fit well, such as when you need a transitive verb and they give you an intransitive verb, for example. In these cases, just keep asking for suggestions until one fits.)

After all of the blanks can be filled, you can either read the story to the class, or (better yet!) have one of the students come to the front of the class and read it. There will inevitably be hoots of laughter as the stories become stranger, stranger, and stranger yet!

More printable stories like this in The Great ESL Games Compendium!



ESL Mad Libs - My Favorite Foods by stickyball



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