ESL Conversation Activity: Secret Sentence (Advanced)

This activity/game can be played according to topic and is best for advanced students.  Put the students into groups (2 groups for smaller classes).  One person from each group comes to the front of the class.  Each student chooses a sentence strip and does not show the strip to each other or their teams.

The teacher announces the topic and the two students start a conversation on the topic.  At some point, the students have to slip their sentence into the conversation without anyone noticing.  Both teams listen and try to determine the ‘secret’ sentence of the student from the other team. 

If the students think they hear the sentence, they say ‘stop,’ and the sentence needs to be repeated.  If they have correctly determined the ‘secret’ sentence, they score a point.  The conversation can continue for 3-5 minutes. 

Scoring:  Guessing the ‘secret’ sentence= 1 point

               Use of the ‘secret’ sentence without detection= 1 point

               Failure to use the secret sentence= -1 point


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Secret Sentence - Samples by stickyball


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