ESL Games: Question Game

This game is good for practicing question forms.


Directions: Print and cut out the cards below. The teacher chooses a card and reads it aloud (this is the "answer"). The students must then ask questions that would elicit such an answer. (For example, if the card says, "Yes, I can." then the students should ask a question such as, "Can you speak English?")  You can play this game "game-show style," having the kids say "Ding!" if they think they can say the correct "question."


click here to download the Card Set below as a .doc file (FREE)

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ESL Question Game - Card Set                          


Yes, I do.

Yes, I will.

No, I won’t.

No, I don’t.

Yes, I can.

No, I can’t.

Yes, I did.

No, I didn’t.

Yes, he does.

No, she doesn’t.


Because I’m tired.

In the morning.

In the evening.

Yes, I should.

No, I shouldn’t.

In the sky.

On the wall.





At 12:00.

In the kitchen.





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