ESL Games: Tag Question Game

Tag questions are questions "tagged on" to the end of sentences, like "did he?" or "do you?". This is a simple game to help students review these.

Directions: Print out the cards below, then cut them out and put them in a cup or a hat. (Click here for a .doc version of these cards.) After teaching the students about tag questions, let each student pick a card.

Then the students can take turns saying the beginning of a sentence, with the goal of getting the teacher to say the "tag question" on his/her card.

For example, if the student chooses the card with the words "did they?", he/she could say something like: John and Mary didn't come to school yesterday. . .

The teacher then adds the tag question ". . . did they?"

This a fun review for the beginning of classes, and it gives the students a lot of practice using tag questions.


do you?

do they?

do we?

does he?

does she?

does it?

don’t you?

don’t they?

don’t we?

doesn’t he?

doesn’t she?

doesn’t it?

did you?

did they?

did we?

did he?

did she?

did it?

didn’t you?

didn’t they?

didn’t we?

didn’t he?

didn’t she?

didn’t it?

will you?

will they?

will we?

will he?

will she?

will it?

won’t you?

won’t they?

won’t we?

won’t he?

won’t she?

won’t it?

aren’t you?

aren’t they?

aren’t we?

isn’t he?

isn’t she?

isn’t it?

are you?

are they?

are we?

is he?

is she?

is it?

can you?

can they?

can we?

can he?

can she?

can it?

can’t you?

can’t they?

can’t we?

can’t he?

can’t she?

can’t it?



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