ESL Grammar

Introduction to Comparative Adjectives

In this ESL grammar exercise, students fill in the blanks with comparative adjectives.

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Comparative Adjectives (2)


You can also add –er to adjectives. “-er” means “more.” (If you use “adjective + -er, you have to use “than,” too.)


· “Bigger” = “more big”

· “Happier” = “more happy”


*If you add –er to an adjective that ends in y, you have to change the y to i, and then write –er.


· Wrong: funnyer (x)

· Right: funnier


The girl is

Comic books are

The floor is

My sister is

cuter than

funnier than

dirtier than

nicer than

the boy.

history books.

the wall.

the bully.



Write adjective+er (than) in the blanks to complete each sentence.


1. Airplanes are _______________ boats.


2. My father is _______________ my sister.


3. I am _______________ my teacher.


4. Dolphins are _______________ dogs.


5. Math is _______________ English.


6. Girls are _______________ boys.


7. Summer is _______________ winter.

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