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Subject – Verb – Object (2)


Directions: Underline the subject(s) and circle the object(s) in the following sentences.



1. Angela answered many questions in class today.



2. Could you please lend me a pencil?



3. David threw a paper airplane out the window!



4. My sister is writing a novel.



5. Can you smell the food that my mother is cooking?



6. After I finish my homework, I will listen to the radio.



7. Oh no! I lost my cell phone!



8. The rain is hitting my window.



9. I have twenty dollars in my pocket.



10. My aunt ate a hamburger in a fast food restaurant.



11. You shouldn’t say that word in front of your teacher!



12. Derek is playing basketball in the park with his friends.



13. Be careful! That fish will bite your hand!



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