ESL Grammar

Embedded Questions

This ESL grammar exercises introduces students to "embedded questions" and gives them a chance to practice completing sentences using embedded questions correctly.

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Embedded Questions (1)


“Embedded questions” are questions that are inside another sentence or another question.



Here are two questions:
Where is Brian?
What are they doing?

When these questions are inside another sentence, you change them:
I don’t know where Brian is.
I’m not sure what they are doing.
(Because you are not asking the question, you have to change the order of the words.)

Look at the questions below, and rewrite them as embedded questions.


1. Who is that? I don’t know___________________________





2. What is he watching? I don’t know____________________





3. Why are they tired? I don’t know_____________________





4. When is Sam’s birthday? I forgot _____________________





5. Where are they going? I can’t remember_______________





6. How is your mother? I’m not sure ____________________





7. What time is the movie? I don’t know _________________




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