ESL Grammar

Embedded Questions

In this ESL grammar exercise, students practice forming questions based on the responses, which use embedded questions.

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Embedded Questions (2)


“Embedded questions” are questions that are inside other sentences. With embedded questions, you need to put the subject before the verb.




Embedded Question

What time does the movie start?

…what time the movie starts.

When will John be back?

…when John will be back.

How much does this book cost?

…how much this book costs.

Where is this train going?

…where this train is going.

Who is Jenna dating?

…who Jenna is dating.

Why is school cancelled?

…why school is cancelled.

What does Mom want for her birthday?

…what Mom wants for her birthday.



Fill in the blanks to complete the following questions and answers.


1. A. Where _____________________________________?

B. I’m not sure where Jenna went.

2. A. How will you get to the bus station?

B. I don’t know _________________________________.

3. A. Who is Bobby talking to?

B. I’m not sure _________________________________.


4. A. What time___________________________________?

B. I can’t remember what time James gets off work.

5. A. Why _______________________________________?

B. I don’t know why he’s going to South America for the summer.


6. A: How much does a new sports car cost?

B: ___________________________________________.


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