ESL Grammar

Introduction to Future Tense

This ESL grammar exercise introduces students to the future tense and lets them practice using "will" or "won't" to talk about things that will/won't happen in the future.

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Future Tense (3)


Write “will+verb” or “won’t+verb” to complete the Future Tense sentences below.


1. I _______________ when I grow up.


2. I _______________ tonight.


3. I _______________ tomorrow morning.


4. I _______________ next week.


5. I _______________ next year.


6. I _______________ when I am old.


7. I _______________ the day after tomorrow.


8. I _______________ in a few minutes.


9. I _______________ after I finish my homework.


10. I _______________ in a few years.


11. I _______________ next Monday.


12. I _______________ if I get a high score on my test.


13. I _______________ if it rains tomorrow.


14. I _______________ if my TV breaks.

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