ESL Grammar

Review of Future Tense

In this ESL grammar exercise, students must choose the correct verb tense to complete each sentence.

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Future Tense (5)


Is it Present Tense or Future Tense?


Choose the correct verb tense in parentheses to complete each sentence.



1. My uncle _______________ to my house tomorrow! (comes/will come)


2. My cat _______________ food and water every day. (needs/will need)


3. Jake usually _______________ to school all by himself. (goes/will go)


4. My mother ____________ me to the dentist’s office soon. (takes/will take)


5. I _______________ to school tomorrow. (don't go/won't go)


6. Mindy _______________ with that arrogant girl again. (doesn't play/won't play)


7. Dogs _______________ to eat chocolate. (don't like/won't like)


8. If I have a tiger, I _______________ it raw meat. (feed/will feed)


9. Ben always _______________ a nap in the afternoon. (takes/will take)

10. Ben _______________ a nap in a few hours. (takes/will take)

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