ESL Grammar Exercises

Past Tense

In this ESL grammar worksheet, students practice identifying the past tense verbs in several sentences.

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Past Tense (2)


“Go,” “See,” and “Eat” are called Irregular Verbs, because you don’t add –ed to make the past tense. Look on page 56 for a list of many more irregular verbs.



Circle each past tense verb in the sentences below:



1. I wanted to play baseball, but I was sick.



2. Sarah watched a movie yesterday with her sister.



3. My mother went to China and ate strange food.



4. I did my homework last night.



5. Mr. Davis took his son to school.



6. My parents were young, but now they are old.



7. She turned on the lights and closed the door.



8. I danced with my friends and had a lot of fun.



9. Jack cleaned his room and then he played outside.



10. My mother gave me 20 dollars!


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