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Past Tense (Negative Sentences: "didn't")

In this ESL grammar worksheet, students learn to make negative past tense sentences using "didn't".

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Past Tense (5)


To make a negative past tense sentence, just add “did not” (or “didn’t”) before the verb. (You don’t need to use the past tense form of the verb.)


*The past tense of the “Be Verbs” (am, is, are) is was and were. To make them negative, you just add “not.” (I wasn’t sick. They weren’t tired.)





I went

You ate

We saw

They fell

He gave

She took

It jumped

I didn’t go

You didn’t eat

We didn’t see

They didn’t fall

He didn’t give

She didn’t take

It didn’t jump


Write the following sentences as negative past tense sentences.


Example: I went to school.

-- I didn’t go to school.


1. Alan took a math test yesterday.




2. My friend’s dog bit me on the leg.




3. Carl flew in an airplane last month.




4. Betty finished her homework before dinner.



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