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Past Continuous Tense

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Past Continuous (1)

We use the Past Continuous Tense to talk about something that was happening at a specific time in the past.


To use the Past Continuous Tense, you need a [Past Tense Be Verb] + [Verb+ing]:

We also use the Past Continuos Tense with the word “during,” to talk about two things that were happening at the same time:

I [was verb+ing] during [time]

They [were verb+ing] during [time]:



  • I was sleeping during the concert.
  • They were arguing during the movie.


Write [Past Tense Be Verb] + [Verb+ing] to complete the following sentences:


1. I _______ ____________ during the baseball game.



2. The two girls _______ ______________ during the math test, so the teacher was angry at them.



3. Mary _______ ______________ during math class.



4. James and Mark _______ ______________ during lunchtime.



5. Those two boys _______ ______________ during the whole movie!



6. Everyone was ______________ during the party.



7. My sisters _______ ______________ during summer vacation.



8. Nathan _______ ______________ during the music concert.



9. Christina and Lilian _______ ____________ during the football game.



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