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Past Continuous Tense

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Past Continuous Tense (2)


To use the Past Continuous Tense, you need a [Past Tense Be Verb] + [Verb+ing]:

We often use the Past Continuos Tense with the word “when,” to talk about two things that happened at the same time:


I [past continuous] when [past tense]


Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences below.


1. I was watching TV when______________________________.



2. My mother was driving her car when ____________________.



3. Roger was _________________ when he heard a strange noise.



4. I was talking to my friend when _______________________.



.5 We were sleeping when ______________________________.



6. Dave and James were ____________________ when





7. Tina was________________________ when her friend hit her.



8. Steve was riding his motorcycle when ___________________.



9. It was raining when ____________________________.



10. The cat __________________ when the dog started barking.


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