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Present Pefect Continuous Tense

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Present Perfect Continuous Tense (1)


If something was happening before, and it is still happening now, you use the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.


To use the Present Perfect Continuous Tense, you need  have/has + been + [verb+ing]. *We often use the Present Continuous Tense with the words for, since, recently, or lately.






have been

studying hard lately.

writing for 3 hours!

dating since 2007.

speaking English a lot recently.




has been

traveling since he was young.

working out for 2 hours.

raining a lot lately.


Using the example below, write Present Perfect Continuous sentences using the information provided.



I was running 20 minutes ago.

I am still running now.

I have been running for 20 minutes._____________________


1. It was raining last week.

It is still raining now.




2. My mother was talking on the telephone at 3:00.

She is still talking on the telephone now (5:00).




3. The dogs were barking this morning.

The dogs are still barking now.




4. They were building a supermarket next to my house 6 months ago.

They are still building the supermarket now.







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