ESL Grammar Worksheets

Tense Review Quiz

(Present / Past / Future / Present Continuous Tenses)

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Tense Review (4)


What tense is it? Write “Present Tense,” “Present Continuous Tense,” “Past Tense,” or “Future Tense” in the blank after each sentence, to tell what tense the sentence is.



1. My mother won’t give me any more money. ____________




2. My sister is singing and dancing. _____________




3. Sally goes to English class at 4:00. ____________




4. Victor ate two eggs and toast for breakfast. _____________




5. Alan shared his book with me, so I said, “Thank you.” _____________




6. The sun will rise tomorrow. _____________




7. Cars cause a lot of pollution. _____________




8. Look! The bird is standing on the cat! __________



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