ESL Grammar

Introduction to Nouns

This beginner-level ESL grammar worksheet introduces students to nouns (people, places, and things) and gives them a chance to identify the nouns in several sentences.


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Nouns (1)


Nouns are people, places, or things. You can see and touch most nouns.






the teacher

my mother


the doctor

the classroom

the park


a department store

a pencil

a car

a cat

a house



Circle the nouns in the sentences below:


1. I want to go to the department store.



2. The doctor and the teacher are in the car.



3. There is a big book in the classroom.



4. My cat likes to sit on the bed.



5. My house is in England.



6. I want to buy some medicine.



7. You can see animals in a zoo.



8. Hi Elle. Your dress is very cute.

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