ESL Idiom Worksheets

Give advice using idioms! All of the ESL idioms worksheets below include several idioms with explanations, along with a review exercise in which students use the idioms to give advice and answers to people with vexing situations.


Idioms - A (printable handout and worksheet) - add fuel to the fire; add insult to injury; absence makes the heart grow fonder; a penny saved is a penny earned; a picture is worth a thousand words; actions speak louder than words; all in your head; around the clock; asleep at the wheel; at the top of your lungs.

Idioms - B (printable handout and worksheet) - back to square one; bark up the wrong tree; be careful what you wish for; beggars can't be choosers; better late than never; better safe than sorry; bite your tongue; break a leg!

Idioms - C (printable handout and worksheet) - cat got your tongue?; catch-22; change of heart; cheat shot; on cloud nine; get cold feet; come clean; curiosity killed the cat.



Idioms - D (printable handout and worksheet) - dead to the world; deer in headlights; dime a dozen; don't cry over spilled milk; don't give up your day job; don't hold your breath; don't judge a book by its cover; drive someone up the wall.

Idioms - E (printable handout and worksheet) - each his own; early bird gets the worm; easier said than done; easy come, easy go; every cloud has a silver lining; eyes are bigger than one's stomach.


Idioms - F (printable handout and worksheet) - face only a mother could love; failure is the mother of success; few and far between; first come, first served; for kicks; from rags to riches; full of hot air.

Idioms - G (printable handout and worksheet) - game on!; get something off your chest; give someone a hand; give someone a piece of your mind; grain of salt; Greek to me; grin and bear it.


Idioms - H (printable handout and worksheet) - have a ball / have a blast; head over heels in love; here today, gone tomorrow; hindsight is 20/20; home sweet home; haste makes waste.

Idioms - I (printable handout and worksheet) - if it ain't broke, don't fix it; in a pickle / in a jam / in a fix; in one ear and out the other; in the driver's seat; in the short run / in the long run; in over your head; it ain't over till the fat lady sings.

Idioms - J (printable handout and worksheet) - jog my memory; jump down someone's throat; jump the gun; just around the corner; just off the boat; just what the doctor ordered.

Idioms - K (printable handout and worksheet) - keep in touch; keep your chin up; keep your fingers crossed / cross your fingers; keep your shirt on; kill two birds with one stone; knock 'em dead; knock on wood.

Idioms - L (printable handout and worksheet) - laughter is the best medicine; learn the ropes; let sleeping dogs lie; left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing; let the cat out of the bag; let your hair down; light at the end of the tunnel.



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