ESL Phrasal Verbs

Explanations of several "make" phrasal verbs, with a printable worksheet.

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"Make" Phrasal Verbs - Definitions

make up: to reconcile; when two people forgive each other after a fight or disagreement

  • John and his wife had a big argument last night, but they eventually made up.
  • You and Jessica need to make up. You shouldn’t let one argument ruin your friendship!

make (x) up: to invent a story, to use your imagination to say something that isn’t true or    real

  • My daughter likes to make up stories about her invisible friend.

make out: when two people kiss for a long time

  • The two students got caught making out in the janitor’s closet at school.

make (x) out: to be able to see something clearly

  • This newspaper is too old. I can’t even make out what the headline says.
  • This student’s writing is too small. Can you make this word out?



make do (with): to accept or use something that is not what you really want, because you can’t have the thing that you really want; to accept what you have, because it’s good enough

  • I don’t have any more pens. You’ll have to make do with a pencil.
  • My father lost his job last week. I guess we’ll just have to make do with less this Christmas.



make (A) into (B): to change one thing (A) into another thing (B)

  • I can’t believe you made that old log into such a beautiful guitar!

make over (noun or verb): To change or improve one’s appearance

  • Julia went to the salon and got a complete makeover. I barely recognized her!
  • On this TV show, they make over housewives to look like models!



make off (with): to steal and get away; to escape with something stolen

  • The bank robber made off with over one million dollars!

"Make" Phrasal Verbs - Worksheet

Fill in the blanks with the correct words to complete these “make” phrasal verbs.

1. Mark: I wish we lived in a bigger house!
Mom: Well, Mark. We can’t afford a bigger house right now. We’ll just have to ______________ with the house we have.

2. Sarah and her boyfriend sat in the back of the movie theater and ___________ during the whole movie. They wasted their money on a movie ticket, because
they didn’t even see the movie!

3. Ever since Anne had a baby, she hasn’t had time to buy clothes or worry about
her appearance. So I’m going to get her a _______________ for her birthday!

4. That’s it! You two have been fighting long enough! I want you both to sit in this
room, and you can’t come out until you’ve _______________.

5. Dad: Why don’t you want to throw away that old shirt?
Jake: I’m going to cut off the sleeves and ________________ a tank top so I
can wear it this summer!

6. Bernie Madoff was sent to jail, but not before he _______________ millions of
dollars and caused many people to lose their life savings

7. An international team of archaeologists is working to _______________ the
words on the recently discovered stone tablet from Egypt.

8. Bill: John said that his parents are going to give him a new car!
Brian: Don’t listen to him. He’s always ________ things _______. You can’t
believe anything he says.









































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