ESL Phrasal Verbs

Printable worksheet reviewing phrasal verbs with the words "fall", "hold", and "live".

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Choose one word from the left, and one word from the right, to complete each sentence.

1. We planned to go hiking this weekend, but our plans __________ __________
when my husband broke his leg.

2. Jake’s classmates still tease him about the time he was caught picking his nose.
He’s never going to __________ that __________.

3. After the busy holiday season, our sales usually __________ __________ a little in
January and February.

4. I know that you’re angry that you got a speeding ticket, but you can’t __________
it __________ the police officer. He was just doing his job.

5. Even though Lebron James won the MVP award, his team failed to __________
__________ to expectations, getting eliminated in the second round of the

6. The robber was sentenced to 10 years in prison for __________ __________ the

7. My father said that he won’t pay for my college unless I can prove to him that I am
responsible enough to __________ __________ a job.

8. Many people in Third World countries __________ __________ less than $1 per

9. Every spring, thousands of people go to New Orleans to __________ it
__________ at the annual Mardi Gras party.

10. The boss offered me a pretty good raise, but I think I’m going to __________
__________ for even more money and a better office.




























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