ESL Phrasal Verbs

Printable worksheet reviewing phrasal verbs with the words "take", "put", and "give".

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Phrasal Verbs Review Quiz – Take / Put / Give













Choose one word from the left, and one word from the right, to complete each sentence.

1. Everyone says I ________ ________ my father because I act just like him.

2. Your boyfriend is so annoying! I don’t know how you ________ ________ with him! If I were you, I would have broken up with him a long time ago.

3. The boss asked his secretary to attend the meeting and ________ _______ notes about what happened.

4. After Billy begged his mother for months to buy him a new video game system, she finally ________ ________ and got him one for his birthday.

5. When the pitcher and catcher have a discussion during a baseball game, they often hold their gloves over their mouths so that they won’t ________ ________ any secrets to the opposing team.

6. Stop yelling at me! I know you’re angry that your teacher gave you extra homework, but you don’t have to ________ it ________ on me!

7. I don’t know how you put up with your boyfriend! He always calls you names and ________ you ________ in front of your friends! If I were you, I would have broken up with him a long time ago.

8. Jack started going to physical therapy every week after his back ________ ________ when he was lifting heavy boxes at work.

9. What a great performance! Ladies and gentlemen, ________ it ________ for Randy the Amazing Magician!

10. This bed is too big for my small bedroom. It ________ ________ almost the entire room!



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