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Advanced Vocab List 3

Unique (adj.) – unlike anything else, one-of-a-kind, special and distinct

Wow!  I like that shirt!  It’s really unique; I’ve never seen a shirt like that.

Las Vegas is a very strange city, but it’s also a very unique place.

Haphazard (adj.) – without order or organization; without attention or planning

This office has a very haphazard filing system.  It’s very hard to find what you need.

The traffic in Taiwan is so haphazard.  People just drive wherever they want without worrying about the rules.

Capture (verb) – To catch someone, especially after chasing them

-- To express or represent an image or idea

The policeman captured the famous thief yesterday.

This painting really captures the beauty of Taiwan.

Authentic (adj.) – not fake or copied

This is an authentic painting from the 1700s.  It’s very valuable.

That diamond is not authentic.  That’s why it’s so cheap.

Authenticity (noun) – being genuine, real, honest

I won’t buy that diamond because I don’t trust its authenticity.  (I don’t think it’s authentic.)

I bought a baseball signed by Wang Chien-Ming and it came with a certificate of authenticity.

Relatively (adverb) – somewhat, more than others

Tainan is relatively affordable (more affordable than many cities like it.)

This year’s final exams were relatively easy (easier than a lot of other final exams.)

My cell phone is relatively new (but not the newest.)

Trendy (adj.) – new and popular, modern

You can buy the newest trendy clothes at the department store.

Paris is a very trendy city; people in Paris like to wear the newest (trendy) fashions and listen to the newest (trendy) music.

Abundant / Plentiful (adj.) – having a large supply of, having a lot of

Because mangoes are so abundant this year, you can buy them very cheaply.

Wildlife is plentiful in Africa.

There’s an abundant supply of cheap drugs at the hospital.

Advanced Vocab List 3 - Review Quiz








1. The police _______________ the thief; he’s in jail now.

2. She spends a lot of money buying the newest _______________ clothes.

3. Our quizzes are usually pretty difficult, but this one is _______________ easy.

4. I want to buy some _______________ gifts to give to my family.

5. The streets in Boston are very _______________ ; it’s hard to find your way around.

6. Mangoes are _______________ in Taiwan right now, so I eat them every day.

7. If you want to buy an _______________ Van Gogh painting, you will need millions of dollars.

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