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Advanced Vocab List 2

merger (noun)

merge (verb) – when two things (usually businesses) combine into one

McDonald’s and KFC merged; Now they are called McKFC.

acquisition (noun)

acquire (verb) -- when a larger business buys a smaller business; to get possession of something

Google acquired Youtube for $1 billion.

McDonald’s acquired KFC, so now you can get fried chicken at McDonald’s.

sneaking feeling – a feeling that something will happen

The weatherman on TV said it won’t rain tonight, but I have a sneaking feeling that he’s wrong.

She seemed a little strange; I have a sneaking feeling that she’s lying to me.

insight (noun) – a deep understanding, clear feeling about a subject

Your essay shows a lot of insight in this subject.

undermine (verb) – to weaken or secretly attack

Max really undermined his classmates when he cheated on the test.

Working late can undermine one’s health.

Politicians are always trying to undermine their opponents.


such as – used to show examples

There are many things to see in Taipei, such as Taipei 101 and the palace museum.

Verbs such as “hit” or “cut” can be either present tense or past tense.

besides -- in addition to

Who was at the party besides Jon?

Besides English, what subjects are you studying?

Jack didn’t get the job because he was rude to the boss.  Besides, he was late for the interview.

Moreover / Furthermore / In addition – used to give extra information or examples

That car is not safe enough.  Furthermore, it’s way too expensive.

That car is not safe enough.  Moreover, it’s way too expensive.

Last but not least – When giving many examples or reasons, this shows that the last example is still very important.

The death penalty can be unfair.  It doesn’t stop crime.  It’s cruel.  And last but not least, it’s more expensive than jail.

(If you win an award): I’d like to thank my friends Jon and Kathy, my teachers Brian and Janner, my grandparents, and last but not least, my parents, who always helped me.

Advanced Vocab List 2

Review Quiz



sneaking feeling







1. Dave’s boss is angry with him because he disagreed with him in a meeting.  His boss feels that Dave _______________ him.

2. The Bank of Taiwan will _______________ the Tainan Bank and the Taipei Bank, so now there is only one bank in Taiwan.

3. This toy looks like a car but it can _______________ into a robot.

4.  Starbucks _______________ with McDonald’s, and now it’s called StarDonald’s.

5. My computer _______________ crashed last night and I lost all my work.

6. I won’t let my children watch _______________ movies.

7. This is a great book!  It really gave me a lot of _______________ into what it’s like to be very poor.

8. I have a _______________ that my girlfriend is lying to me, but I’m not sure.


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