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Advanced Vocab List 23
















1. Before you travel overseas, you should go to the bank and exchange _____________.

2. Every day, the news website displays the most _____________ stories on the front page.

3. If you’re sick, you should go to the doctor. He or she can ____________ you some medicine that will make you feel better.

4. Bee stings are potentially __________. If you are bitten by dozens of bees, it could lead to death.

5. I can’t stand the new song by Justin Bieber! It’s so ____________! He just sings “Baby, baby, baby, Oh!” over and over and over!

6. The sudden storm _____________ traffic; some people were stuck sitting in their cars for hours.

7. When her son left home to join the army and fight in a war, Ms. Smith was filled with __________ because she feared she would never see him again.

8. When the logging company announced that they would start cutting down trees in the ancient forest, several environmental ____________ chained themselves to the trees in order to stop them.

9. I like studying with people from different countries. They always have unique ideas and different ____________, and I am able to learn a lot about how other people think.

10. After the doctor gives you your _____________, take it to the pharmacy and they will give you your medicine.

11. It’s very dangerous to talk on a cell phone while driving. You might get ____________ and stop paying attention to what you are doing, and this can cause you to have an accident.

12. After he finished his controversial speech, the speaker was met with a __________ of questions from the audience.

13. This research paper is very well-written, but I think it is uninteresting and ______________ -- it doesn’t actually improve our knowledge of the subject.

14. The president accused the news reporters of having a __________ because all of their reports about him had been negative.

15. More and more people distrust prescription medicines and are now trying various natural ___________ available in health stores around the city.

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