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Vocabuilder: News and Media

VOCAB LIST: Types of Media


print media (n.) – media that is printed, like newspapers, magazines, etc.

broadcast media – media that is broadcast, like TV, radio, etc.

online media – media that is online, like blogs, news websites, etc.

People used to get their news from print and broadcast media, but in recent years more people have turned to online media for their news.


press (n.) – this word is used to describe all news media, including print, broadcast, and online media

The President often complains that the press is not fair to him.


mainstream (adj.) – very common, accepted, and established in society

Most people get their news from the mainstream media, such as BBC, CNN, or Al Jazeera.


alternative (adj.) – not mainstream; a choice that is different from the mainstream

Because the mainstream media is owned by just a few companies, many people do not trust it. They look for alternative news sources instead.


network (n.) – a large media company with offices in many different places

In the USA there are several news networks, including NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, and FOX.


affiliate (n.) – a single office or branch within a large news network

CNN has affiliates in cities all over the world.

My cousin got a job working as a journalist in the NBC affiliate in Boston.




Most people get their news from the mainstream media, including print media like the New York Times and Time magazine, as well as broadcast media outlets like CNN, BBC, and other major news networks. These networks have affiliates in many cities around the world, and they can report on news stories from around the world very quickly.

However, with the rise of the internet, many people have begun reading online media sources such as blogs and websites. These alternative news sources are often independent, so some people trust them more than mainstream news sources.

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