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Vocabulary: Buying Tickets

When you are buying plane tickets for your vacation, you have many options. You can buy the tickets directly from the airline, or you can go to a travel agency and speak to a travel agent who will help you find the best deals. Many people prefer online travel agencies such as Travelocity, Expedia, or Orbitz, where they can compare prices, book flights and hotels, and even reserve a rental car.

You can sometimes find cheaper tickets if you travel as part of a tour group. A travel agent can help you buy a package deal, which includes your flight, hotel, meals, activities and entertainment. The tour group arranges all of the activities, and the members of the tour group go sightseeing to famous tourist sites together. Many people like travelling this way, but others prefer to be more independent and strike out on their own.



airline – an ‘airplane company’

travel agent – a person who helps other people buy plane tickets and arranges travel plans for people

travel agency – a company that helps people arrange their travel plans. (travel agents work in travel agencies)

online travel agency – a travel agency that is on the Internet

deal(s) – special prices; cheap prices; sales

book - to arrange a time or buy a ticket for something (flight, hotel, train, bus, etc.)

flight – a trip on an airplane (‘fly’ is a verb; ‘flight’ is a noun)

reserve – to book; to keep something aside so you can use it later

rental car – a car that you pay for to use for a short time

tour group – a group of people that go on vacation together

package deal – a kind of ‘deal’ that includes many different things purchased together (such as flight, hotel, and meals).

arrange – to prepare, set up, organize

go sightseeing – when on vacation, to go to the most interesting places and take pictures

tourist sites – places that many tourists like to go (tourists are people who are on vacation in a place)

independent – doesn’t need other people’s help, can take care of yourself




strike out on your own - to leave a group of people and go do something that you want to do, by yourself


Fill in the blanks with a vocabulary word in the box below.



travel agent

travel agency




tour group

package deal


go sightseeing

tourist sites




1. I always fly with the same ______________ because they give me frequent flyer miles*.


2. The __________ from China to the US is almost 12 hours long.


3. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous _______________ in Italy.


4. Melissa went to Europe in a _______________ because she likes to travel with many people.


5. Your travel agent can help you _______________ a flight and a hotel.


6. A flight around the world for only $100!! What a great __________!!


7. Rita is very _______________, so I don’t think she will join a tour group.


8. My uncle James helps people arrange their vacations. He works for a ______________.


9. When I go on vacation, I like to stay in the hotel, but my parents prefer to _______________.


10. The travel agency has a _______________: if you book the flight and hotel together, you can save 25%!


11. I know a good _______________ who can help you book a cheap flight.


12. Your travel agent can help you _______________ a suitable vacation.

*”Frequent flyer miles” are like “points” that airlines give to their customers. You can use the “miles” to get free tickets.

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