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Vocabulary: Accommodation

There are many options for accommodation when you are on vacation. Most people stay in hotels; these can be cheap or expensive, they usually have several floors, and they may have a restaurant or swimming pool. A motel is like a cheap hotel, usually with only one or two floors, and you can park your car in front of your room. Or you can stay in a bed and breakfast. These are small, quaint and cozy places that offer a place to sleep and breakfast in the morning. Often these are run by families or individuals, and they may only have a few rooms.

Budget travelers may choose to stay in hostels; these are cheaper than other types of accommodation because they offer few amenities. In European cities especially, budget hostels are a dime a dozen; you will often see several hostels on the same street. Hostels are ideal for young backpackers, who can stay in dorm beds in a room with several other travelers, for a fraction of the cost of a hotel room.

Tickets can be booked online, via telephone, or you can show up in person and try your luck. However, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and check to see if there are any vacancies. That way, you waste less time and can spend more time sightseeing!



options - choices

accommodation – places to stay (on vacation, for example)

motel/hotel/bed and breakfast/hostel – different types of accommodation

quaint – charming and cute (and a little old or traditional)

cozy - comfortable

offer – to provide, to make available, to give

individual – a single person or a single thing

budget (n.)  - a plan for using an amount of money (adj.) – inexpensive; good for a limited budget

amenities – extra things that make you more comfortable (in a hotel, for example, amenities include a TV, pool, exercise room, etc.)

backpackers – people (usually young people) who travel a long distance with only a large backpack

dorm – a room with beds for several people

fraction a number that is less than 1 (for example: ½, ¾); a small part

via – using (you can communicate via phone, email, or letter; you can travel via car, plane, or boat)

call ahead – to call before you arrive

vacancies – rooms (in a hotel, for example) that are not full

sightseeing – to visit interesting places and take pictures (usually when you are on vacation)



a dime a dozen – very common, very easy to get

Fill in the blanks with a vocabulary word in the box below.













1. We bought a small, old-fashioned house in a _____________ little village.

2. Hmmm. . . . I don’t want a single bed, but a double bed might be too big. Are there any other _______________?

3. You can buy a used car for a _______________ of the cost of a new one.

4. My brother is a college student. He lives in a _____________.

5. If you want to go to the Olympics, you should book your __________ early.

6. I don’t want to buy six cans of soda. Can I just buy an ____________ can?

7. _______________ airlines are often cheaper, but they don’t have as many amenities as other airlines.

8. The waiter ______________ me a free glass of coffee.

9. My parents like to go _______________ when we go on vacation, but I would rather just look at the pictures.

10. You can travel to the island __________ boat or plane.

11. That sofa looks really soft and _______________.

12. Look! The sign says “____________!” We can stay in that hotel!

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