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Vocabuilder: Driving and Traffic

passenger (n.) – a person who is not driving; the side of a car opposite the driver

Luckily there were no passengers on the bus when it got into an accident.


seatbelt (n.) – a safety belt in cars that protects drivers and passengers

I always ask passengers in my car to wear their seatbelts.


carpool (n.) – a group of people who ride (to work, etc.) in the same car to save money

We started a carpool at my company so we can protect the environment while saving money.


lane (n.) – a single “path” in the road (large highways often have several lanes on each side)

In the US, the right lane is for slower drivers, and the left lane is for passing.

Some highways have a special “carpool lane” for cars with 2 or more people.


speed limit (n.) – the fastest speed that you are allowed to drive on a road

The speed limit on this highway is 65 miles per hour.


residential area (n.) – an area with many houses where many people live

In residential areas, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour.


fine (n.) – money that you have to pay if you are caught breaking a law

I have to pay a $100 fine because I was caught speeding in a residential area.


parking space (n.) – a place where you can park a single car

parking lot (n.) – an area with many parking spaces

When you go to the grocery store, you can park in their parking lot. There are usually many parking spaces available.


traffic jam (n.) – when too many cars are on the road and the traffic stops moving

I was late to work because there was a traffic jam on the highway.


pedestrian (n.) – a person who is walking (on a sidewalk, or across a street, for example)

You must be careful when you’re driving in the city because there are many pedestrians.


intersection (n.) – where two or more roads meet (there is usually a stoplight (or traffic light) at intersections)

You must be careful when you’re driving in the city because there are many pedestrians.


crosswalk (US) / zebra crossing (UK) – the white stripes at intersections where pedestrians cross the road

Pedestrians must use the crosswalk when crossing the street. Otherwise, they may get a fine.


Vocabuilder: Driving and Traffic





speed limit



parking lot

traffic jam





Fill in the blanks below with words from the box above.


1. Slow down! The _______________ on this road is only 40 miles per hour!


2. Pedestrians should always use the ____________ when crossing the street.


3. I had to park on the street because the restaurant’s ____________ was full.


4. Because there are often children playing in _____________ areas, the speed limit is usually very slow.


5. Every morning there is a ____________ on the way to work, so I often have to wait in my car for a long time, and sometimes I’m even late to work.


6. I don’t want you to ride in my car because the seatbelt on the __________ side is broken.


7. If you ride in my car, we can take the __________ lane, and then we won’t get stuck in a traffic jam.


8. I saw a terrible accident last night. A car hit a _______________ at a crosswalk.


9. A police officer pulled me over for driving over the speed limit. I have to pay a __________  of $50.


10. There is no traffic light at this ____________, so there are often accidents here.


11. This highway has four _________ on each side because many people use it to go to work.


12. I always wear my __________ when I am driving, because it can save my life if I get into an accident.

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