This is a multi-part writing assignment. First, students create a character (in this case, a pet). Then, each week (or each class) they read the next part of the scenario and continue writing the story as their character. From beginning to end, there are 6 parts to this scenario, in which you (the pet) are taken home from a pet store and given an exciting new life.

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Scenario: Life as a Pet

You’re going to keep a journal and write a story as a pet that was taken home from a pet store. First, you need to create a character:



Assignment 1: Background


You have lived most of your life in the pet store. This has been a pretty boring life; you have spent most of your time wondering if anyone would ever take you home. Write about your life so far, your background, and your hopes.



Here are some questions to consider when writing:


· What kind of animal are you? What do you look like?


· How did you get to the pet store? Were you born there? How long have you been there?


· What has your daily life been like in the pet store? Who have you met?


· What are your hopes for the future?




Asssignment 2: A New Home


Finally! Someone found you and decided to take you home! This is the day you’ve been waiting for!


When they take you out of your cage and bring you home, it’s like a whole new life. You meet many new people and see many new things. After one day in your new home, you’ve already completely forgotten about your life in the pet store.



Here are some questions to consider when writing:


· Who found you in the pet store, and why do you think they decided to take you home?


· What is your new home like? Who are the people in your new home?


· Who do you like best, and who do you like least?


· Are there any other pets in your new home?


· Describe your new home as much as you can. What do you see, and what do you think?





Assignment 3: Fitting in


Your first week in your new home has been incredible. You already have a new name – it’s a little funny, but you like it. Everybody gives you so much attention! You have been playing constantly, and you can’t believe how fun it is!


However, you have started to learn that there are some new rules in your new home, and some of the rules are hard to get used to. You learned that if you break the rules, you will get in trouble – and you don’t like getting in trouble at all.




Here are some questions to consider when writing:


· What is your new name?


· What have you done during your first week? Who have you played with, and what have you played?


· What are some of the new rules in your new home?


· What happens if you break the rules?


· How does your new life compare to your old life in the pet store?


Assignment 4: The Vet



After a few weeks in your new home, you have started to feel right at home. Some things have been hard to get used to, but overall, you like your new home very much.


However, something happened and you had to go to the vet. It was a very scary experience, and you don’t ever want to go back there again! You have to admit, though, that after seeing the vet, you feel much better than before. It’s good to live with people who really care about you!


Here are some questions to consider when writing:



· What things have been hard to get used to in your new home? (Where do you sleep? What do you eat? How often do you go outside?)


· Why did you have to go to the vet? (Did you get sick, or did you get injured?)


· Describe your experience at the vet. What other animals did you see? What was it like?


· How do you feel after coming home from the vet?


Assignment 5: Minus One



One of the people in your new home has left the home, and you feel very sad. After this person left, you cried a little, and the house felt very empty. You could tell that this person was sad to leave you, too. Hopefully, you will get to see this person again.


On the bright side, the family took you on a trip and it was a lot of fun! You got to see and hear many interesting things, and you got to play for a long time. You keep thinking to yourself, “Life is good, life is good. . . .”



Here are some questions to consider when writing:



· Who left your home? Why did this person leave?


· How did this person say goodbye to you?


· Where did the family take you?


· What did you see, hear, smell, and do?





Assignment 6: New Friend



You meet a new friend near your house, and life just keeps getting better and better. There is always someone to play with, you always have food to eat, and everyone is pretty nice!


You realize that you are very lucky. You see other animals that have very sad lives, and you suddenly feel very grateful for your family (even when they punish you). You decide to try to give a gift to your family, to show them how much you appreciate them.



Here are some questions to consider when writing:



· What new friend did you meet? Where did you meet him/her?


· What other animals with “sad lives” do you see? How do they make you feel?


· Reflect on the past few months in your new home. What have you learned? How have you changed?


· What gift do you decide to give your family?

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