ESL Sentence Patterns:

[A] vary/varies from __ to__


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[A] vary/varies from [B] to [B]

[A] is different for every [B]

*Be careful! If the subject is singular, use “varies.” If the subject is plural, use “vary.”

· The effects of this medicine vary from person to person.

· The shape of the moon varies from day to day.

· The textbooks vary from school to school.

· My opinion varies from day to day.

· The weather is so strange here! It seems like it varies from minute to minute.



[A] (alternatively) vary/varies from [B] to [C]

Sometimes [A] is [B], and sometimes it is [C]

· The weather alternatively varies from rainy to sunny in the summer.

· Reviews of the new movie vary from positive to negative.

· The shape of the moon varies from round to C-shaped.

· This music varies from loud to soft, fast to slow.

· His mood varies from happy to sad depending on the time of day.

Complete the sentences, and circle either “vary” or “varies”:


1. ____________________________ vary/varies from day to day.


2. ____________________________ vary / varies from country to country.


3. ___________________________ vary/varies from class to class.


4. ___________________________ vary/varies from city to city.


5. ___________________________ vary/varies from person to person.


Now think of 2 different things to complete each sentence:


1. The earth’s climate varies from ____________ to ___________.


2. I’m 170cm tall, and my weight varies from _______ to _______.


3. That company’s cars vary from __________ to __________.


4. When I’m taking that medicine, my mood alternatively varies from _______________ to _______________, depending on the time of day.



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